Improve your Cash flow with
Total Cash Clarity

Ensure your business financial success.
Get peace of mind.

82 percent of business failures are due to poor cash flow management, or poor understanding of how cash flow contributes to business.

2017 U.S. Bank Study


Don’t let the odds be against you. Get Total Cash Clarity and get control of your financials and cash flow.

Created by Cash Flow Pundit Debra Robinson, Total Cash Clarity was built to help you understand the numbers behind the money. Looking at what’s there, seeing what’s not, finding the truth behind the totals — and strategically building out processes and timelines that make sure your business doesn’t run out of it. With tips and tools focused on cash flow management, growth, profit, team and business performance, and most importantly, peace of mind.


With Total Cash Clarity You Get

  • Online Total Cash Clarity forecasting app to create and analyze your cash flow, test financial models and cash use to achieve best case outcomes.
  • Download and email your forecasts.
  • Store up to 24 months of forecasts to assess trends.
  • Tools and Tips to learn how to be get the most out of your money. Exclusives!
    • Monthly Cash Flow Confidence™ webinar with Cash Flow Pundit Debra Robinson.
    • Debra $Tips™
    • Dirty Little Secrets Library
    • Follow The Money™ How-To Guides and Videos


Total Cash Clarity builds your cash flow management muscle. Get peace of mind. Be confidenT of your financial future, now and tomorrow.


How do you know you have a cash problem?

Have Financial Concerns Over
  • Making Payroll?

  • Managing Debt?
  • Making a Purchase?

  • Collections?

If you answered yes to any of these, we can help!