Total Cash Clarity

How Cash Flow Forecasting Can Turn Your Company into a Profit-Making Machine

A client of mine offered to share his story on cash flow forecasting and teaching the financials to his team have helped his business to become more profitable and to optimize the cash flow.  Meet Chris Crigler, President of CAP Management.  Years ago, Chris’s business, was in a very challenging place.  He was juggling vendor bills, having trouble making payroll, and was in fear of “losing” his business.


How could he be making a profit and still have trouble making payroll?  That’s what was keeping him awake at night! Today, he has “perfected the Art of Running a Small Business” with the help of Cash Flow management and forecasting.

He is able to turn to his executive team, that is now well-educated in understanding the company’s financials, to help create strategies to bring more money in faster. Because of Chris’s Open Book Management Style, he can ask them to help him define the company’s values and culture so that they can all move forward to further success as a company.


Chris was worried and not sure where to turn. We were lucky to be in a group together, which is when he reached out to me, wondering if I could help. From the beginning, this working relationship has yielded nothing but positive results and accelerated success.


We began with a full Cash Flow and financial review. I “followed the money”, as I do, and we found several issues. With the problem areas located and defined, we were able to come up with a strategy to solve them without having to borrow any money. “I was given a comprehensive understanding of my books from the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and collections report,” Chris says.


“Debra and her Cash Flow Forecasting gave me peace of mind. Knowing how much cash we will have in the bank with a strong degree of accuracy three, six, even eight months from now, puts your mind at ease.”


By utilizing Cash Flow forecasting and continuing to educate himself and his trusted advisors and team members, my Client has the confidence, know-how, and tools to ensure that his business will stay healthy and Cash Flow wealthy.


Chris says that the Dirty Little Secret he learned from working with me is that, “With these tools I can be proactive in taking control of the profit-making machine that is now my company.”


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