Total Cash Clarity

What is holding You Back from taking that Good Look at Your Financials?

Talking about your finances is always a nerve-wracking experience. It is a confidential area that you expose only to your closest and most trusted advisors. When it comes to letting someone new into that circle, you may feel nervous, afraid that you are “doing them wrong”, or that you will be embarrassed or shamed.

For entrepreneurs, of any business size or type, you often follow your dreams and your inspirations in creating the business itself; and then just hope that the money follows. This is typical, and if it’s you; you’re not alone! You went through years of school for your own field, but most of us do not go through college and learn about finances or even business.

I recently met with a successful entrepreneur, who is currently growing her fourth business endeavor. She was nervous to open up her finances to me, although we knew each other on a personal basis for years. I recall her telling me before we began, that she was, “nervous that I would ‘shame’ her about her financials.”

The experience that unfolded between the two of us, as we delved into her financials, was one that I want to share. My client, whom I refer fondly to as Ms. Entrepreneur, assumed that I was going to talk about her financials and her cash flow just as a typical CPA or financial officer: “all debits and credits, and no fun!”

I explained to her that my way is to “follow the money”. I look at the numbers and let the money do the talking. As I showed Ms. Entrepreneur my process, she claimed that she found it inspirational. I showed her several key indicators of success that she was currently not seeing and how they would be able to guide her to a healthy cash flow.

Ms. Entrepreneur says that after working with me, “my financials are now of use to me because they speak to me in a way that I care about, and I can track and ‘follow the money’ in a way that is relevant to my daily business—not just something the CPA needs.” My method is direct but compassionate. I am just as dedicated and passionate about helping you “follow the money” as you are about your own business. I am here to help you see into the future and guide you to cash flow success.

Now, going forward, Ms. Entrepreneur is excited and confident about her finances and the health of her cash flow. Her “words of wisdom” to those others out there, who may be contemplating hiring a cash flow consultant, but may have doubts, nerves, or fears that are stopping them, is, “Do it! You have data there in your bookkeeping that can be of use to you to project the future—even if it feels like there is no pattern—there is! And things might even be better than you think.”